Update on IDT Energy Scam

Last week, our pals at Concerned Citizens of Greenwood Heights told us a disturbing tale about unwittingly being signed up for IDT; many from other neighborhoods wrote in to say they'd experienced the same scam. Here's an update from CCGH:


We were part of a scam called "ESCOS Slamming" (ESCOS=Energy Service Companies) where a representative of a ESCOS, in our case IDT Energy (twice now!) either misrepresents themselves "Hi, I work for Con Ed" OR misrepresents their intent "Can I see your Con Ed/National Grid bill, I want to save you some money." The "slamming" happens when they either trick you into signing up for a service they are not offering or a scam (IDT Energy offers a 7% reduction by you "buying direct," when it only lasts 2 months and then their rates are jacked higher than Con Ed) OR the sign you up for a service with out your permission, in our case by forging my signature (which I may follow up as an identity theft case, TBD).

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