Two Units Left at 364 St. Marks


In March, when last we took a look at the "St. Marks Loft Building," 364 St. Marks Avenue at Washington, a chalky white substance still marred the facade, but that hadn't affected sales. Sixteen out of 20 units had been snatched up, leaving four available in the 1,000 to 1,100-square-foot range for between $543,500 and $599,000. Well, seven months later, two listings are active, according to Streeteasy. Oddly, the 872-square-foot unit 1C got a $165,750 price hike just around the time of our last inquiry, to $549,000; might be why it's still available. Unit 2C, at 1,125 square feet, has been asking for $589,000 since January of 2007. Clearly, the white stuff is still there.
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