This Is What They Want to Dump on Crown Heights


To illustrate the claim that the NYPD is increasingly ignoring quality of life crimes, The Post zeroes in on the activity around the 30th Street Men's Shelter on First Avenue, the intake center that the City is trying to relocate to the Atlantic Armory in Crown Heights. (The Coalition for the Homeless discusses why this is a bad idea here.) Post reporters spent four days earlier this month watching "as large gangs of men loitered around-the-clock" outside the 30th Street Men's Shelter on the grounds of Bellevue Hospital. "We're scared to go outside," said Annie Samuel, 55, a nurse at nearby Bellevue Hospital. "When we go home, we always travel in groups." Given the recent incident involving a female doctor at Brooklyn, the comment rings all the more true. Crown Heights already has more than its fair share of homeless services—its residents don't deserve more.
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