The Rezoning of Windsor Terrace

With all the focus on Gowanus lately, we've neglected Windsor Terrace, which is also being considered for a re-zone. Monday, City Planning Commissioner Amanda Burden started up the public review process for about five blocks of what they're calling East Windsor Terrace. Looks like this would mostly be down-zoning, to prevent the higher rises of Ocean Parkway and Coney Island Ave from seeping into the low-rise side streets (seems like the Caton Place condo projects, forever stalled and the scourge of the neighborhood, might be an issue here). "The current zoning has permitted construction of buildings that are not consistent with the area's prevailing built character," DCP writes. "Of particular concern is the R6 zoning mapped in portions of the rezoning area, which can permit the construction of apartment buildings without height limits that are out of character with the surrounding built context." Besides appropriate height limits, the rezoning would add a commercial overlay for part of Caton Avenue (not to be confused with Caton Place), to keep business viable. The application had gone to CB7 for a 60-day review. Meanwhile, CB7 holds a board meeting tonight at 6:30PM, 4201 4th Avenue at 43rd Street, but the public hearing for the rezoning is on December 10. For more info on ULURP, click here.

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