The Great Landmarking Debate Rages On


The Post checked in on the city's far-reaching landmarking plans, which include 10 new historic districts such as the one in Prospect Heights that would be the biggest new historic district designation since 1990. The predictable real estate interests are trotted out to oppose landmarking (Steven Spinola, president of the Real Estate Board of New York, called the expansion "questionable" and said landmarks can "impede the economic vitality of our city."), as are the views of the pro-preservation crowd (Simeon Bankoff, executive director of the Historic Districts Council, said the recent building boom helped spur demand for landmarks. "Communities woke up to losing what they really valued and said we want to become a landmark," Bankoff said.). The article also touches on the notion that the overtaxed LPC hasn't been able to keep up with landmarking requests, as per the losing end of a lawsuit the agency found itself on last November. The LPC is appealing the decision, and "Commission chairman Robert Tierney denied the agency was dragging its feet. 'We're sprinting,' he said."
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