The Curious Case of 214-218 Atlantic Avenue


Our call for tips yesterday elicited some new tips as well as a deserved rebuke from a reader who'd sent something in back in fall that had fallen through the cracks. While on the treadmill at the YMCA, he'd noticed that all of the apartments above the H&R Block, Subway and Adam's Fresh stores had sat empty for sometime and wondered why. We're not sure we have an answer, but the pursuit of one led to the discovery of this set of plans at the back of a legal easement (Document #2007032601914001 on Acris) from 2007 that, as far as we can figure, relates to egress problems in the three adjacent buildings. Other than that, we're at a loss. (There's a one open violation on record with DOB, but it doesn't look like something that would prevent occupancy.) Perhaps someone more familiar with these intracacies (like a real estate lawyer) can figure it out. GMAP
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