Sunset Parkers Protest Street-Sweeping Regs


The Daily News looks into the war for the streets, Sunset Park-edition: "After battling the city for more than 30 years, Sunset Park drivers are furious the city has refused to slash their street cleaning regulations - even though two other Brooklyn neighborhoods have won reduced service, which makes it easier to find parking. 'It's an issue of fairness,' said Jeremy Laufer, district manager of Community Board 7. The board has been asking the city to cut back its street sweeping in residential areas from four times a week - twice on each side - to twice a week since 1978 to save drivers from having to constantly move their cars. Park Slope became a car owners' dream last summer when the city Sanitation Department temporarily suspended all alternate side parking regulations there while changing all the signs and cutting the neighborhood's street cleaning service to once a week on each side on most streets." Sanitation says the new regs can't be adopted in the neighborhood because its streets haven't met the two-year "average cleanliness rating" that's required.
Sunset Park Drivers Fuming Over Street Cleaning Regulations [Daily News]
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