Street Construction Gives New Meaning to “Uncoordinated”


A frustrated letter from a reader:

I live at the corner of St. James Place and Atlantic Avenue. Today, construction crews started digging up the street yet again - I think it's the third time in three years. I asked the crew what was going on and they said that they're first testing the water pipes and then plan on digging up more of the street to replace water pipes. I said "The street was just paved. Does that mean that there's no coordination between street paving and water mains?" The guy replied with a smile, "Yes." I was pretty horrified by this - what a waste of tax dollars. I noticed them digging on Waverly as well. I'd like to try to find the most productive way to suggest to the Bloomberg administration that coordination of road work may save lots of unneeded spending. Thoughts?

It actually seems like the kind of thing that would get Bloomberg's goat.

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