Stereotyping Brooklyn Nabes and Missing the Point


You guys are going to have a field day with this one: Some recent arrival who writes about Brooklyn for the Hartford-based Examiner tries to stereotype summarize some of Brooklyn's neighborhoods (those that don't qualify as “places that scare me," that is; Cringe!). A few of our not-so-favorite out-takes:

Brooklyn Heights: "Basically a Manhattan neighborhood that happens to be on the other side of the river."
Windsor Terrace and Kensington: "The few ungentrified (read: affordable, or, in the words of a white friend who lives there, “no white people”) areas left in Brooklyn that are still somewhat downtown Manhattan accessible."
Clinton Hill: "Still affordable without being crappy."
Prospect Heights: "A no-man’s land between Park Slope and whatever lays beyond."
Crown Heights: "Blacks + Hasidic Jews + other = race riots."

Xenophobic much?
Getting to Know Your Brooklyn Neighborhoods [Examiner]
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