Scarano Faces Two Lawsuits


Looks like Scarano's got just as many frenemies in Manhattan as he does on this side of the river. The development company Blesso Properties is suing Scarano for $4 million in damages, claiming they were "harmed by the architect's aggressive design practices," reports The Real Deal; architectural malpractice, breach of contract and negligence are among their complaints. Scarano contends they're just lashing back at his own suit against them, trying to get the $208,099 he says Blesso still owes him. "Scarano abused his self-certification privileges and filed plans although he 'knew that his work would not and did not comply with the DOB standards,'" they retort. The projects they're fighting over, by the way, are sold out.
Developer Battles Scarano in Court [The Real Deal]

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