“Real World” Cast and Crew Not Ruining the Nabe


It turns out that setting MTV's The Real World in Red Hook did not disrupt the neighborhood as much as its insular residents feared; some local bars declined requests to film inside, and bar-goers worried their brews might not taste as sweet when caught on videotape. Now, writes the NY Times, "No longer do Red Hook residents talk about giving 'Real World' residents a 'hard time,' as one person put it. Now they wonder whether the cast ever actually moved in." In fact, they've scarcely made an impact since setting up shop in a red brick warehouse at Van Dyke Street's end. "According to Jim Johnston, the executive producer, they’ve since spent much of their time traveling around Brooklyn, pursuing volunteer work and part-time jobs in Manhattan, taking classes in dance, acting and film, and staying fit." He adds, "I’m surprised that at the Crunch gyms in Brooklyn people haven’t seen us with all the times we’ve been here." Meanwhile, as Curbed reported on Friday, the trailer for the new show is now available online.
A ‘Real World’ That’s Really Elusive [NY Times]
Photo by vera.haller.

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