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I'm sorry, but a house like this is not 100 shares of some under performing stock. It's an historic piece of Brooklyn, built for the daughter of one of Bklyn's big shots, and a fine example of eclectic turn of the century architecture. There are no other houses like this in CHN. The interior is full of first quality period detailing, and the entire property could be someone's dream home, a wonderful place to raise a family, or grow old sitting on the porch. I really hate it when a place like this is reduced to a calculation of percentages, and formulas for tossing it around like a bean bag. The amount of time, money, research and heartache the guys who lost it put in shows that a house is more than just the price, or the comps. It's also an emotional, physical reaction to a potential home. That is so often totally forgotten here.

— by Montrose Morris in 1094 Park Place Finally Sells

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