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As has been pointed out, there is little reason to focus on a boundary unless your focus is on being in PS 29 (which has explicit boundaries), wanting to live in/avoid a LPC district (also explicit boundaries) or else being able to walk relatively more quickly to the Borough Hall subways (in which case you want to be in Cobble Hill). I was told by someone who grew up on Kane in the 1970's (and then later in Brooklyn Heights) that the mental boundary for him (an ethnic wasp) was Union -- once you crossed Union, the neighborhood went from something like 40-50% Italian to 80-100% Italian. (I wouldn't count on those numbers to be accurate, but more that it was his perception.) That kind of jibes with the current zoning for PS 29, which goes to at least the north side of Union as far east as Court (but excludes everything north of Congress). (also, as 99 luftballons pointed out, there are 4 or 5 blocks east of Court also in PS 29). I don't know whether the zone was the same when my friend was growing up.

— by Boerumresident in Cobble Hill or Carroll Gardens?

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