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you know, park slope doesn't really have great subway access, yet somehow people continue to survive. personally i don't see quincy & franklin as the middle of nowhere. it's not that far from the subway (okay, the C), i lived near there for many years; friends of mine still live there. it's not the middle of nowhere to the people who live there. anyway, to his point of luxury condos in desolate areas, i'm all for it! who better to live in no-mans land but the affluent, who not only can afford sparklin new condos, but also probably have cars and the means to go out and get the groceries, or freshdirect, or vases or whatever rich people go out to buy. let's build some luxury hi-rises in the Flatlands. put in underground parking and rake it in!

— by Jimmy Legs in Dolkart Down on Prospects for "Fringe Areas"

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