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I've lived in Bklyn all my 54 years, attended public school, etc, etc. When the face of Brooklyn becomes Chase; Rite Aid; CVS; Bank of America, etc., you're right, "it's not what I think it should be". Change is great, but when Gage and Tollners becomes TGIF Fridays, it's not for the better. When Applebee's is packed across the street from Juniors which is empty, Brooklyn's narrative is becoming as bland as the suburbs. I've seen lots of great change in Bklyn. The Heights of my youth had boarded up brownstones and dangerous welfare hotels, but it also had a vibrant Montague Street with local usefull businesses. So, let's all put our i-pods on, go to an ATM on every corner and look at our cell phone screens while we cross the street.

— by jebby in Park Slope Can't Measure Up to Marine Park

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