Partial Building Collapse, Evacuation at 48 North 1st Street


Yesterday Curbed reported that Kent Avenue had been shut down in response to a partial building collapse at 48 North 1st Street. Overnight we came into possession of a couple of photos from the scene (check out the other on the jump). Seems that the roof collapsed on two people in bed when workers at the seven-story development project next door at 50 North 1st Street were pouring concrete for a side wall; luckily, says Brooklyn 11211, no one was hurt. (When the collapse happened, according to Curbed, "Illegal immigrant workers took off running while Hasidic property owner hung out looking stressed.") A partial vacate order has been issued for Number 48. Number 50 has bigger problems on its hands: It's been slapped with a Stop Work Order for failing to protect the adjacent property and not sticking to filed plans. GMAP

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