One Sunset Park: A Blogger's Review


Last week, we announced that One Sunset Park, a relatively high end condo conversion at 702 44th Street at 7th Avenue, had arrived on the market. This week, Sunset Park's resident blogger, Best View in Brooklyn, has reviewed the project.

When I noticed the One Sunset Park banner go up a few weeks ago, a piece of my heart sank. Ironically, it was because the whole business (the scaffolding that went up and down pretty quickly, the construction crews and the bin o' demo trash handling that actually looked professional) seems to be a solid, responsible, up-and-up project. That is, in comparison to the many condo projects going down (up?) on 7th and 8th Avenues. I just get sad when the amount of rentals available goes down...

However... It's very modern-looking, and it's very chic. The cherry floors, the full and separate washer/dryer, and the window shelf in the bathroom were particularly appealing to me. That, and the promised additional laundry in the basement. Sometimes you don't want to wash bathrooms rugs in the same machine you wash your underwear. You know?

Finally, BVIB suggests stopping by to make up your own mind. Open houses are every Wednesday and Saturday from 11AM to 7PM.
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