NY Times Does Real Estate Blogs


While we weren't thrilled with our photo (Mrs. B says it looks like we have a bunch of marbles in our mouth), we can't complain about the exposure we got, along with four other real estate blogs, in yesterday's New York Times. These kind of trend pieces are always tricky and a little bit of a stretch, but there wasn't anything too cringe-worthy or off-the-mark in this one. (Interestingly, it didn't result in much of an up-tick in visits to the site over the weekend; we witnessed the same non-effect when Brownstoner was the subject of a cover story in New York Magazine last spring. Our theory: Most people consume this type of media in the bathroom!) Because the story was reported six weeks ago, though, there was some information which was already a little outdated. Back then we were reporting that traffic and ad revenues were flat; since then, traffic has gone up considerably while ad revenues have fallen quite a bit. What did readers think of the article?
And the Blog Goes On [NY Times]

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