Not Enough Cash for the HOD


That whole re-open and remodel the Brooklyn House of Detention thing? Not so much. Turns out the plan costs $430 million, and considering we don't have enough money for, you know, subways and schools, the jail is now looking like a less than top priority project. Politicians and the DOC agree. "The Department of Corrections has decided to pause, put the spending for this project on hold and sit down and talk with the community," David Yassky told the NY Daily News. So far, 31 inmates have been moved there, "as part of a work crew to start fixing up the 749-unit jail," which prompted Yassky and others to file a lawsuit, so maybe the budget's not the only reason for the halt. The lawsuit alleged that the jail was reopened without an environmental review, and thus illegally. For now, they can house up to 50 prisoners while the situation is sorted out. The expansion is halted until December 8, when opponents will talk again.
Budget Crisis Halts HOD Expansion Plans [NY Daily News]

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