No Hard Answers Yet on Myrtle Building Collapse

As the 48-hour mark approaches at 493 Myrtle Avenue, there is still no definitive cause of the four-story building's collapse. At this point, the likely cause still seems to be some combination of existing structural problems related to a crack in the eastern facade of the building compounded by weeks of heavy rains. "On May 1, there was no threat of a collapse," said Buildings Commis sioner Robert LiMandri. "What changed since then? The rain and the work being done." DOB is still examining the permitting and work history and looking into whether the contractor, M & R Construction, bears any of the blame. When we stopped by the site earlier this morning, the dismantling of the neighboring building at 491 Myrtle Avenue was well underway. The most poignant detail was the children's bunk bed visible on the top floor.
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