New Lease on Life for Finger Building


Poor Finger Building: It's been a rough few years, what with the Stop Work Orders, Scarano affiliation and, ultimately, foreclosure. The end of 2008, however, marked a turning point for the storied apartment tower. A month before the controversial decision by the BSA that cleared the way for the building to continue its climb to 17 stories, the property was purchased from the bank by GFI, a multi-tentacled real estate company, for $8,000,000. (In addition to a large mortgage brokerage business, they are also developing 470 Vanderbilt Avenue.) While the build-out continues, the hunt is on for a retail tenant for the 20,000-square-foot space that's just a hop, skip and skateboard trick away from the Bedford L. We'd be curious to hear what locals would like to see in that spot. Maybe something like Gourmet Garage? What do you think? GMAP P*Shark

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