New Bed-Stuy More Like Old Bed-Stuy?


Bedford Stuyvesant was the childhood home of both Billy Joel and Lena Horne, reports Globe St., and it's posed to become such an artistically, economically and racially diverse neighborhood again. "In recent years, Bed-Stuy’s population has begun rebounding and the demographic mix of that population has been diversifying. Those with a historical bent might point out that the demographics are returning to the kind of diversity seen here in former years." Of course, some of that is code for white people moving in, and as we know from yesterday's discussion of the reversal of what demographers call "white flight," that doesn't necessarily mean a neighorhood's on the upswing. Here's what they report it has going for it: Last year, the Bed-Stuy Gateway Business Improvement District was formed; most of the area still qualifies for the 421-a tax abatement program, despite changes to it in July; and they've seen an influx of retail — Home Depot, Applebee’s and a consumer banking center are cited. Wait, aren't we the borough of Mom and Pop shops?
A Tree Grows in Bed-Stuy [Globe St]
Brooklyn Brownstones. Photo by sfcityscape.

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