Murders, Binge Drinking Up in Park Slope Last Year


While overall crime was down in Brooklyn South last year, murders were up more than 35 percent to 92 from 68 a year earlier. Such was the case in Park Slope where the number of homicides rose from one in 2007 to three in 2008. Meanwhile, says The Post, binge drinking was higher than other neighborhoods around the city: 20 percent of Slopers ranked binge drinking as their favorite activity. "It's the real people, and you feel like you are on 'Cheers,'" said Samantha Stewart. "I can just go to the bar and see 10 people that I know." The preference ties in with another borough-wide stat for 2008: Drunk driving violations were up 1.6 percent in Brooklyn last year, reports The Daily News while they were down 3.4 percent around the city as a whole.
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