Man Versus Bird On Prospect Park


Richard Meier's On Prospect Park may have been a welcome addition to the neighborhood for modern architecture buffs and the moneyed set who could pony up a million bucks for a one-bedroom apartment, but it hasn't been such good news for the birds who call the park home. "An all-glass building adjacent to the park is a deathtrap for birds," said Glenn Phillips, executive director of NYC Audubon. "The design is a set-up. It's putting huge, uninterrupted, solid panes of glass adjacent to a landscape, and that's a recipe for disaster." Then again, in the wake of the Flight 1549 disaster, there have been reports that the bird population is too great, though we doubt it's Canadian geese that are meeting their maker on the plate-glass walls.
On Prospect Park a Bird Killer [NY Post]
Photo by j.morefield

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