Last Week's Biggest Sales


1. WILLIAMSBURG $1,380,000
60 Broadway, Unit 9C GMAP (left)
A 1,453-sf, 2-bedroom loft in the Gretsch condo, according to its listing. Entered into contract on 5/11/09; closed on 6/17/09; deed recorded on 7/1/09.

2. COBBLE HILL $1,325,000
370 Clinton Street GMAP (right)
As covered yesterday, this sale consisted of a half stake in this 6-family, which went on the market this January for $2,995,000. The seller bought it for $2,650,000 last September. Entered into contract on 6/10/09; closed on 6/10/09; deed recorded on 6/29/09.

3. MILL BASIN $1,300,000
80 Barlow Drive North GMAP
A 2,320-sf, single-family, according to Property Shark. Entered into contract on 9/1/09; closed on 12/5/08; deed recorded on 6/29/09.

4. FORT GREENE $1,100,000
134 South Oxford Street GMAP
This 1,800-sf, single-fam was an Open House pick three times: First in November, when it was asking $1,450,000, then in March and April, when it was listed for $1,350,000. Entered into contract on 5/29/09; closed on 6/24/09; deed recorded on 6/29/09.

107 Rutland Road GMAP
When this 2,040-sf single-family was an Open House Pick in February, it was listed for $1,375,000. Entered into contract on 3/25/09; closed on 6/15/09; deed recorded on 6/30/09.

***We left out two transactions recorded in public records last week at 2 Montague Terrace because we've been told that they involved one party trading up for a larger co-op and the other trading down for a smaller co-op and, thus, that the trades don't represent real sales. In any event, one unit in the building (11 AB) traded for $3.5 million and another (5B) for $2 million. The same last names were involved in the transactions.

60 Broadway photo by pheezy.

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