Last Week's Biggest Sales


1. CARROLL GARDENS $2,000,000
40 2nd Place GMAP (left)
This house was one of several ambitiously priced Carroll Gardens properties that hit the market early last year. When it was a House of the Day in mid-January '08, the 15.8-foot wide, 2,300-sf, single-family was asking $2.8 million. According to StreetEasy, the price was reduced three times between February and September, winding up at $2.35 million. Its sellers purchased it in 2004 for $1.7 million. Entered into contract on 11/19/08; closed on 12/19/08; deed recorded on 1/9/09.

2. SUNSET PARK $1,800,000
5211 8th Avenue GMAP (right)
A 2,400-sf, three-family house, according to Property Shark. It was purchased by the Brooklyn Chinese-American Association. Entered into contract on 8/13/08; closed on 12/16/08; deed recorded on 1/5/09.

3. MIDWOOD $1,670,000
1092 East 22nd Street GMAP
This one's a 2,676-sf, detached one-family house on a 5,000-sf lot, per Property Shark. Entered into contract on 9/4/08; closed on 12/24/08; deed recorded on 1/6/09.

4. PARK SLOPE $1,600,000
145 Park Place, Unit 6A GMAP
This 1,825-sf, 3-bed unit in the Park Place Condomium was originally listed for $1,536,000 way back in late '05, according to StreetEasy. Entered into contract on 10/17/08; closed on 12/19/08; deed recorded on 1/9/09.

4. DYKER HEIGHTS $1,600,000
1160 85th Street GMAP
This 4,300-sf, 3-bed house hit the market in late '07 asking $2.3 million and was reduced to $1.999 million last September, says StreetEasy. Entered into contract on 11/3/08; closed on 12/18/08; deed recorded on 1/7/09.

Photos from PropertyShark.

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