Last Week's Biggest Sales


1. BROOKLYN HEIGHTS $3,850,000
176 State Street GMAP (left)
This 3,304-sf, one-family townhouse hit the market in April of last year, according to StreetEasy, and went into contract a couple months later. Its ad had this to say: "nicely restored with six bedrooms, three baths, a family room, and a great back yard... Because of the lovely original center stair, each room is the full width of the house, and the room proportions are wonderful...It might just be more space than you need." Entered into contract on 6/16/08; closed on 12/16/08; deed recorded on 1/21/09.

2. BROOKLYN HEIGHTS $1,850,000
71 Pierrepont Street, Unit 4 GMAP (right)
A 2,501-sf, 4-bed, 4-bath duplex condo. It was initially listed for $2.585 million last March, according to StreetEasy, and there were several price cuts before someone bit. Entered into contract on 11/20/08; closed on 1/09/09; deed recorded on 1/21/09.

3. MIDWOOD $1,585,000
944 East 23rd Street GMAP
2,514-sf, single-family house, per Property Shark. Entered into contract on 9/22/08; closed on 12/23/08; deed recorded on 1/20/09.

4. PROSPECT HEIGHTS $1,527,375
On Prospect Park/1 Grand Army Plaza, Unit 2L GMAP
2-bed, 2-bath, 1,547-sf unit in the Richard Meier-designed condo. StreetEasy shows it going into contract late last February, though public records say it went into contract and sold on the same day a couple weeks ago. Entered into contract on 1/8/09; closed on 1/8/09; deed recorded on 1/21/09.

5. PROSPECT HEIGHTS $1,476,462
On Prospect Park/1 Grand Army Plaza, Unit 4D GMAP
1,477-sf, 1-bed, 1-bath unit. As with this week's other OPP sale, StreetEasy says it went into contract early last year, rather than a couple weeks ago, as public records indicate. Entered into contract on 1/9/09; closed on 1/9/09; deed recorded on 1/22/09.

Photos from Property Shark.

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