It's Curtains for Most of Admiral's Row


Despite the best efforts of preservationists, who generated a number of proposals detailing how the Admiral's Row structures could be maintained while also allowing for the construction of a supermarket, most of the historic buildings on the Navy Yard site are slated to be demolished, according to Crain's. The Timber Shed (above) and one of the 10 other buildings on the site will be preserved, according to a statement released by Andrew Kimball, president of the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corp, who also said that a request for proposals for a developer to build a supermarket and manufacturing space will go out in the next 90 days. The process will result in the redevelopment of “what has become a blighted eyesore that has burdened the community and the Brooklyn Navy Yards for decades,” said Kimball. While the news is a blow for preservationists, it's certainly not an unexpected one.
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