Inside Third & Bond: Week 92


Hudson Companies updates us today on the brickwork...
It’s fun to watch the masons at work on Third + Bond. They have a steady rhythm as they slop on mortar, snug in a brick and whisk away excess mortar in a seamless motion. Meanwhile, down below their scaffolds there are the sounds of workers banging buckets of mortar, setting down loads of brick, and knocking hard hats into the low bars of the scaffold. The foreman shouts directions up at the masons who obey without bothering to look down. From inside the building, on view by the masons through the window, there’s the electric whine of screws tightening into drywall.

Everything feels purposeful and steady. There’s a sense of satisfaction at lunch break. The weather is beautiful, as if a reward for rainy June. The building is taking shape and the end for some trades is already in sight. It’s almost as if we’ve established a momentum which allows the building to continue to grow at night while we aren’t around.

But that’s ridiculous...

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