Inside Third & Bond: Week 86


Last Friday, Kiska relocated the site office from an 8’ by 30’ trailer on Third Street to the spacious living room of a future two-bedroom condo. While the new “office” was still a jumble of cords, pieces of coffee makers, and piles of paperwork, it was already preferable to having six or seven people squeezed into a meeting space meant for two.

Having more room has made getting up to procure your own coffee feasible (not that anyone does) but more importantly, there is more room on the sidewalk and street for construction equipment. The development site is pretty tight since we’re building right up to the front lot line and cannot get into the rear yards unless we go through or over the project. Third Street is a wide street and we’re on a corner, both of which help us maneuver equipment and materials in and out of the site. We have Bond Street partially blocked as well as Third Street – and DOT permits do not come cheap.

Getting rid of the trailer also means saving money...

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