Inside Third & Bond: Week 81


Earlier this week, we went to Green Depot’s Bowery store for an invite-only Earth Day reception. We were astonished to find that the crowd’s ratio of schlumpy socks-with-sandals environmentalists to polished heels-and-pearls environmentalists was nearly 0 to 1. As we wandered the room it dawned on us: many in the crowd were sales representatives for new green products (and the others ran green-themed design magazines or tv shows). Of course they dazzled – that’s half the job! And the Bowery store dazzled as well. The store’s tremendous inventory is representative of the multitude of products available on the market. From $90 stuffed monkey toys to $5 bottles of multi-purpose cleaner to a $15 quart of zero VOC grout, there’s something for everyone. Plus there’s Green Depot’s validation of the products. It can be overwhelming to sift through manufacturers’ and sellers’ claims about building materials, especially ones that are supposed to be “green.”

Fortunately we can rely also on our design team to source new products for us. One of our greener building materials came to us this way – the gentleman at Rogers Marvel Architects learned about a product called Roxul and suggested we look into it for Third + Bond.

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