Inside Third & Bond: Week 60


This week, the Hudson bloggers need your help listing the assets of the neighborhood.

Our marketing photographer, Roy, sent us a selection of photos he took in the neighborhood. While we gave him an idea of some of the things we wanted to capture like the beauty of the brownstones, the greenery, the convenience and abundance of retail and the everyday pleasantness, we didn’t hire models to stand in front of particular stores or anything so rehearsed as that. Neither Roy nor the neighborhood needed that kind of help. Roy’s photos showcase the fabulousness of Carroll Gardens and Gowanus in an unfussy and natural way.

Our challenge is to select the best photographs for our marketing material since we can’t include them all. To accompany the photos and the material specific to Third + Bond, we are planning a neighborhood guide. This idea, courtesy of Clarke/Thompson, is a way for us to add something of value to our marketing materials that can be handy for prospective buyers after they’ve visited our sales office and want to learn about the area. To that end, we’d like your input on what’s great about the neighborhood.

We’d love to hear from you in the comments thread – from which we might very well quote you for our guide. If you are willing to let us follow up with you on your comments with questions or clarifications, or if you’re too shy for the comments thread below, email us at

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