Inside the Red Hook Grain Terminal


An intrepid duo of photographers snuck into the abandoned grain factory in Red Hook last week and came away with some amazing shots. The adventure is chronicled here; getting into the building itself was one of the challenges:

It turns out that the building is completely sealed from the outside by large concrete boulders. The only way in was to cut one of the locks or to somehow move one of the boulders with our strength. Since we neither had the strength nor the bolt cutters on us, we had to find another way in. We walked around the entire building before finally getting in through a fallen down section of the building sitting over the water. Simon and I had to literally hold on to the crumbling building and hoist ourselves up to the other side. It wasn’t exactly hard, but it wasn’t easy either. In the end, the important thing was that we were in and that’s all that mattered to me.

The photo series is available at You can also see some large-format photos that Jake Dobkin took of the Grain Terminal a couple of years ago on his photoblog
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