House of the Day: 177 MacDonough Street


The ubiquity of the word "luxury" in recent years is probably responsible for a great many renovation mistakes. Instead of doing tasteful, understated renovations of kitchens and bathrooms, many homeowners felt that they needed to go all glossy, which, unless you really spend a lot of money and nail it, tends to backfire in our opinion. Such is the case with this house at 177 MacDonough Street in Bed Stuy. The 18-foot-wide brownstone's got nice bones and architectural details, for sure, but the kitchen and bathroom shown in the listing photos just don't work (for us, at least). We could be mistaken, but we suspect that most potential buyers of a house like this would much rather pay $100,000 less and skip things like the "2 ultra luxury Master baths, one with a custom double shower and one with imported porcelain tile and built-in Jacuzzi." Are we wrong? Regardless of our master thesis, we don't think this place has a chance of fetching (or appraising at) its asking price of $899,000; after all, it sold for $680,000 in 2005.
177 MacDonough Street [Century 21] GMAP P*Shark

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