Help Design the New Restaurants Section


When we first started gathering user generated restaurant reviews last summer, we weren't too concerned about what the Restaurants section of the site looked like, since we knew it would be a while before we had the critical mass of reviews to make it useful as a stand-alone entity (as opposed to daily content on the home page of Brownstoner). But now we've got more than 150 reviews in the system, it's time to start making it a truly useful resource for Brooklynites (and the people who want to eat here). In broad strokes, we want the Restaurants section to be more utilitarian and search driven and look less blog-like than it does now. But beyond that, we're all ears. We're also curious to know whether readers think there would be demand for some kind of print guide based on readers' comments and ratings once we reach, say, 250 or 300 reviews. Fire away.
Mr. B

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