Hard Times In Store for Coney Island?


As the future of Coney Island hangs in the balance, they city is talking about taking concrete steps to address one of the pieces it actually controls--the boardwalk. The city is toying around with three options to replace the tropical hard wood that has made up the boardwalk for the last 86years, reports The Post. And while it's considering both plastic and hardwood planks, word is that concrete is the odds-on favorite. "A full concrete boardwalk is the best way to go from a cost-benefit perspective," said Liam Kavanagh, the first deputy commissioner of the city's Parks Department. "It lasts 40 years with little maintenance -- about twice as long as wood." The idea isn't sitting well with some: "Why don't they just call it a sidewalk, if they're going to do it in concrete?" said Dennis Thomas of the Coney Island Polar Bear Club. "There'll be a huge loss of character." Others though buy the practicality argument. "I'd rather see anything than the boardwalk falling apart," said Anthony Berlingieri, who owns Beer Island and Shoot the Freak.
Poured Walk [NY Post]
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