Garden of the Day: Outdoor Tiki Bar in Kensington

Got a garden space you want to share? Send us a note. And now, a tale of exotic Kensington DIY. The Garden's been a work in progress for over five years, except for the bamboo and the silver lace vine that cover the fence on the left side. They were planted by my uncle about twenty years ago when my mom owned the house. A tree was removed from the back middle of the yard but we could not get rid of the tree stump so I used it to make the waterfall/pond.

I built the bar myself with scar 2x3s and plywood left over from renovating the house. The window frames and door were made with solid pine I distressed and stained myself. I would say the bar could probably be built for under 400 dollars if you could do it yourself. It also has track lighting and outlet's for running blenders and
stereo. There was a large oval pool in the back that I removed myself. The back deck cafe seating area was added this summer. Cost for that was about $300.00 including the cafe set from Home Depot (about $58.00) The bar doubles as a storage shed for garden tools in the off season. It was originally Tuscan inspired but my nephew's kept buying me Tiki stuff for it so it's been transformed.

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