Eddie's, Up Close and Personal


The NY Times' Local blog had a guest post yesterday about one of our favorite stores and people in the neighborhood: Eddie Hibbert and his eponymous salvage store at 224 Greene Avenue. We began frequenting Eddie's as soon as we bought our house a couple of blocks away (here's the first mention of him on Brownstoner back in 2005). It was the perfect spot for us for a couple of reasons: 1) we were endeavoring to use as much architectural salvage as possible; and 2) we were trying to spend as little money as possible. Not lost on the writer of the post: Eddie's warm personality and insider's knowledge of what's going on in the neighborhood. As the real estate market has exploded in the area in the last decade, Eddie's had a number of offers for the large storefront space he occupies but has no plans to move—which is good news for salvage junkies and those who care about the community.
One Man’s Trash [NYT/Local]
Photos by C. Zawadi Morris

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