Dolkart Down on Prospects for “Fringe Areas”

We were excited to read the interview in The Times last weekend with Andrew Dolkart, a man who has probably done more work to preserve historic Brooklyn neighborhoods than just about anyone in recent years. This segment from the Columbia University professor of historic preservation really jumped out at us:


I was doing a project recently in Clinton Hill, in Brooklyn, and I wandered east into what was always a fringe area, an industrial area between Clinton Hill and Bedford-Stuyvesant. People were building luxury apartment houses! And I was thinking, even then, a couple of years ago, why would I spend a million dollars to live on the corner of Quincy and Franklin Streets, which is basically in the middle of nowhere? It’s not really in a neighborhood at all. I think buildings like that are going to suffer. Their developers invested in areas where people are not going to be so likely to spend that much money.

The location he discusses is just a block or so from here.
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