DOB Gets Reorganized


Back in April, after a wave of deadly construction accidents, Buildings Commissioner Patricia Lancaster resigned, leaving her deputy, Robert LiMandri, to take her place temporarily. In August, his acting director title was made permanent, and now he's making some personnel changes, "designed to further standardize the Department's operations across the five boroughs," per a press release from the DOB. First up: Fatma Amer, a licensed engineer, will be First Deputy Commissioner, whose job will be to make sure inspection and examination protocol is followed by all (some of those fatal crane accidents were traced to faulty inspections). Borough commissioners will get a shuffling, too: Thomas Fariello, R.A., is now acting Bronx Borough Commissioner; Ira Gluckman, R.A., will be Queens Borough Commissioner; Marshall Kaminer, P.E., will be Borough Commissioner of Staten Island; Derek Lee, R.A., is Brooklyn Borough Commissioner; Magdi Mossad, P.E., gets the Manhattan Borough Commissioner post; and Christopher Santulli, P.E., is acting Assistant Commissioner for Engineering and Safety Operations. The new assignments take place on November 17.

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