Condo of the Day: 505 Court Street, #10C


This two-bedroom penthouse at 505 Court Street looks pretty good on paper so we're having a hard time understanding why it didn't sell last year when it was on the market for $899,000. After being pulled in May 2008, it's just been re-introduced at the new and improved asking price of $749,000. Combined monthly carrying costs are $1,391, which is higher than you'd expect for a 1,233-square-foot pad in a newish condo. What's also weird is that the listing is using the same photos as an old listing for a different penthouse apartment (#10G). So which apartment are the photos really of?
505 Court Street, #10C [Corcoran] GMAP P*Shark
Condo of the Day: 505 Court Street [Brownstoner]

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