Competition for Choice on Grand Avenue?


Ever since the building at the corner of Grand Avenue and Clifton Place changed hands more than four years ago and the bodega was pushed out, there's been great speculation about what sort of tenant would eventually show up in the storefront; the sense of mystery was enhanced by the large graphic portraits in the windows. Among the possibilities we've heard tossed around over the years have been a brick oven pizza place, a tea shop and a bookstore. Unfortunately there's no way to properly vent a stove in the space, so that eliminates most food-related pursuits. Clinton Hill Blog adds the latest, and perhaps the last, chapter to the saga: While on job this week she popped her head in and asked the electricians what the space would be and they told her a coffee shop. Seems a little odd given that Choice is just down the block but we shall see...According to another source, the space is supposed to be ready by the end of the month.

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