Community Board 2 Transportation Meeting Recap


Today we're pleased to run the first of our Community Board reports by and for the community...

There were two public hearings concerning new licenses for outdoor cafes at last night's Community Board 2 Transportation Committee meeting. Both owners made a presentation and there was an opportunity for anyone to speak either in favor or against. There was no one other than the owner for the one at 82 Washington Avenue, Mojito Cuban Cuisine (above), and one person raised a question about the sidewalk and bad weather for Deniz at 662 Fulton Street. Deniz’s representative suggested that when its bad weather the sidewalk café will be closed. The committee recommended approval of both licenses. They will be voted on by the full Board at the next full Board Meeting in June.

The next item on the agenda was a presentation by the Bridge Division of the NY City Department of Transportation. A major repair and renovation of the Brooklyn Bridge is planned to begin in the fall and be completed in approximately 3 and ½ years. The renovation will result in partial closing of at least one of the two road ways during most weeknights and 24 closings of the Bridge on weekends. The Bridge will always maintain its east bound (Brooklyn Bound) lanes-even if they have to be on the west bound roadway of the Bridge. Obviously the west bound (Manhattan) lanes would be closed and traffic diverted to either the Manhattan Bridge or the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel. When the diversion is in effect there will be 5 westbound lanes of the Manhattan Bridge available. Traffic mitigation and significant disruption may occur. Throughout the construction on the Brooklyn Bridge the pedestrian and bicycle paths on the Bridge will be maintained at all times.

More news about the bridge construction and a new street plaza for Schermerhorn Street on the jump...

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