Closing Bell: New Entry to Real Estate Lexicon:


The New York Shitty blog has coined this term, defined as thus: "A proliferation of galleries projecting from the front of luxury condominium buildings in gentrifying neighborhoods. While often little more than concealed fire escapes, balconized buildings usually are out of context with surrounding buildings and are festooned with such various and sundry items as laundry, bicycles, and satellite dishes. v. (balconized, balconizing, balconifies) See: Fedderize, crapification, Belvedere Realty, 156 Pulaski Street."

Perhaps you readers would care to send in your photos of balconized buildings, so we can add to Miss Heather's photo gallery? And how about other terms to add to this ever-revising lexicon?
Word Of The Day: Balconization [New York Shitty]

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