Closing Bell: Malcom X Farmers Market on the Ropes


So much for that momentum we wrote about a couple of weeks ago! Weak community support is threatening the viability of the new Malcom X Farmers Market within the first month of its life, according to an email being circulated from the one of the market's organizers. The main fresh food vendor, Migliorelli Farms, just announced it's bailing on the new scene because it's been unable to cover its labor and gas expenses to date. The problem? Not enough people are coming to the market. This is particularly distressing given how much attention is given by the press and politicians about the desperate (and very real) need for fresh food in some of our poorer communities. (The fresh food argument has been the primary rationale given by the proponents of tearing down Admirals Row to build a supermarket to serve the surrounding housing projects.) Bottom line: If you care about preserving this incredible amenity in the neighborhood, you better vote with your feet and your wallet on Saturday. Otherwise, to paraphrase the organizer's email, you'll be proving the haters wrong who said Bed Stuy couldn't support a farmers market. Don't let that happen. The Malcom X Farmers Market is held on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 1p.m. in front of Jackie Robinson Park on Malcom X Boulevard between Marion and Chauncey Streets
Come Support the Malcolm X Community Market!!! [Bed Stuy Blog]
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