Checking In on Nforth


There are two things we particularly like about Nforth, the slightly oddly-named condo development at 161 North 4th Street in Williamsburg that's been on the market since last May: 1) The size of the windows; and 2) the choice of brick. That's right, the brick. One of our pet peeves about most of the new brick buildings that get put of these days is that the bricks look too, well, new. In the case of Nforth, however, as the close-up photo on the jump shows, the brick, while probably not old, has the same matte, aged quality that old bricks do. And to us, that makes this place stand out a little from the pack. So far 26 out of 37 units have been sold and the remaining ones range in price from $485,000 for a 602-square-foot one-bedroom to $982,000 for a 1,117-square-foot two-bedroom. Seems pricey for this market, but maybe someone who really digs old bricks will come along.
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