CB8 Votes Against Re-Opening Homeless Shelter


At a packed meeting on Thursday night, the Housing Committee of Community Board 8 voted unanimously to oppose the re-opening of the closed Peter Young Homeless Shelter. Operated for years in a space at 1138 Pacific Street, the shelter was closed by the City several months ago (and turned into a 24-hour detox center) and was supposed to remain closed to help compensate the community for the city relocating its main homeless intake center to the Bedford-Atlantic Armory right across the street; the city even talked about turning a portion of the Armory into a track and field center at the time. But not only is the sports facility not happening, the city wants to reopen Peter Young. This committee vote must now be ratified by the full Board at its regular June meeting next Thursday, at 7 PM at the Center for Nursing and Rehab, on Classson between Park Place and Prospect Place.

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