Call For Community Board Bloggers

There's been a lot of discussion in recent weeks about the decline of newspapers and whether blogs will be able to pick up the slack as newspapers cut back in general and on their local coverage in particular. We'd like to try to take one step to address this issue by increasing our coverage of what's happening at the community board level. To that end, we're putting out a call for people who would like to cover their community boards. All we'd expect is that you'd make it to the general meeting every month plus the odd land use, transportation or parks & recs committee meetings when there's something particularly juicy on the agenda. No formal journalism skills are required. Reliability, attention to detail and some common sense should be all you need. You could be in grad school or a grandparent, we don't care; and you should own a digital camera. There will be a modest stipend for each report but don't expect to retire on it. If you're interested, please email with "Blogger: CB #" in the header (substitute whatever community board number you want to cover for the "#" symbol). Let's see how this goes...

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