Bushwick Is Officially “Up and Coming”


So says Business Week, plucking out neighborhoods primed for gentrification/good bargains where the next Soho could emerge. "Artists turned around Soho and the Lower East Side of Manhattan in the 1960s, '70s, and '80s, and then Brooklyn's Williamsburg in the 1990s. Now you'll find them in Bushwick," they write. They track down a neighborhood landlord named Andrew Cray, whose five-year-old properties have doubled in worth. "He owns five houses, which he rents to artists and other young people with low-paying jobs who are often living in New York City for the first time. Crime has dropped dramatically and activity is buzzing around the Morgan Avenue subway stop, the closest stop to Manhattan on the L train." Um, isn't that Bedford, actually? "A natural foods store, a brick-oven pizza place, cafés, and art studios have popped up to serve the changing community. The yuppies haven't arrived yet, but they will, Cray said." Hard to say if that's a wistful longing for yuppies, or dread.
Up and Coming Neighborhoods [BusinessWeek]
Bushwick Storm. Photo by hive.

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