Bushwick Goes National


Like Williamsburg before it, the Bushwick brand is spreading beyond New York City's borders. This weekend, The Philadelphia Inquirer brought news of the gritty but increasingly arty nabe to its readers in the City of Brotherly Love. "Over the last few years, the two-square-mile Brooklyn neighborhood has been attracting visionaries outpriced by neighboring Williamsburg or disillusioned by Chelsea's artiste scene," writes the paper. "Studios, galleries and spaces that defy categorization are appearing in former bodegas, 99-cent stores, and other unglamorous structures." The 'Wick manages to maintain its street cred with a killer quotation from Laura Braslow of non-profit Arts in Bushwick: "The Bushwick art scene is not about sipping wine and looking at white walls," she said. A few of the recommended galleries include English Kills, Ad Hoc and Factory Fresh.
Art Grows in Bushwick [Philadelphia Inquirer]

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